Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010

The past few days I have hit a wall. Two days ago I walked to Den's work and home, which was a good accomplishment for me. It made me sore, and I didn't realize how much walking outside on the sidewalk was so much harder then walking the treadmill. But I actually liked walking outside better. I would be doing it today, because it is such a nice day, but Damian is home and I am not taking him on a 3.4 mile walk lol. They are going to my sisters house tonight and tomorrow night, so I think that tonight Den and I may walk. I also started physical therapy for my back and knees. Yesterday was my first day, and I woke up with awful cramps in my legs. I feel like I pulled something, but it is most likley muscles that were never used before. My weight the other day was 332, and then I gained 3 lbs back, but am wondering if it could be muscle that I am gaining. I have not changed my diet, so I don't know where those three lbs came from, but this morning I am back to 332, thank goodness. I just want to get out of these 330's because it will be a big mile stone for me. I know I am going to hit this wall every now and again, and I am ready for that to happen, but it still makes me crazy lol. I will be walking three days a week to my physical therapy, which is 1.3 miles there and then walking back, so that will give me major exercize. I just need to get these cramps out of my legs.

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