Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The two mile walk

I did a two mile walk today. It seemed to be a down day and I don't know why. Very hormonal, even though I have been taking my Prozac and xanax. I should have taken two xanax today, but I dealt with it. I just was not in a mood that anyone would have been able to stand. I hope tomorrow is a better day. It is 1 am and I should go to bed. I have a counseling appointment tomorrow that I really am looking forward to, because I missed the last on by accident. I also hit a wall. I am stuck at 335, I just hope I get a drop soon. I have been working my butt off for three days now, adding a new exercise into the mix for my belly. So even if it is not showing on the scale, I know it is helping me physically. I did realize that when I walked my first mile I did it at 1.6 mph, I am now doing it at 2.3 miles per hour and last night my last .1 mile I did it at 3.2mph. It is getting easier.

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