Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 2009

I know it says the 19th, but it is after midnight and I didnt get a chance to post before then.

I woke up still at my 340lbs. I just can not get past that 340 mark, even after walking two miles yesterday. I did not get a chance to exercize today, but I did eat good today. I hope the not working out does not cause me to gain anything, but atleast I ate good still. Tomorrow is a new day and a day that I have more time to spare.


  1. I suffer from a bit of obsession with the number on the scale as well. I'm addicted to weighing every morning, which really is ridiculous. I'm trying to cut back to once a week and to care less about the number and more about how I'm eating, drinking and exercising.
    I just read this tonight and am thinking of buying the book, thought you might like to read it too:

  2. As someone mentioned in another comment, some of no weight loss showing up on the scale could be water retention. I would cut as much salt out of you diet as you can. Also we went to a salt substitute (dh had high blood pressure) and later found out it really isn't good for you.

    Good luck, you are doing so well already!

  3. I am thinking salt also. I have lasix for my water retention (because I do retain a lot) and I started to take them again the other day. My legs can get like sponges if you press on them, so I thought it was time to start taking them.

    I am trying not to weigh myself everyday lol, per someone elses suggestion, but I still can't stop lol. I do know though, even if I don't physically see a change on the outside or on the scale, that does not mean that there nothing is happening physically inside. That is a big step for me..

    As far as salt, I think that is a big problem of mine. I don't eat alot of salt on my food per say, but it the salt that is in foods. I did get sea salt, which is a tad bit better for you, but I know it still isnt great. I know that diet pop has a lot of sodium in it. So that is something that I need to watch.

  4. I think the sam's choice soda doesn't have any sodium, I could be wrong though. It is the walmart brand.